At Youthology, our lips deserve their own spotlight.

Using advanced techniques that have been perfected over time, we are able to use hyaluronic acid gel in the lips like never before.

Our lip enhancements are just that, your lips, enhanced. Dr Rupeka, the Lip God, has perfected a technique designed to maintain appropriate proportions and compliment your feminine shape. Our lip enhancements add more medial height, improve your lower lip pout, enhance your symmetry, and add a crisper border.

Beautiful lips are usually built over time. Sometimes we need more product to build a foundation, and generally speaking, the more that we see you, the better the result will be, the more symmetrical and proportionate your result will be, and the longer the results will last.

After your appointment, you will experience swelling for several days but will be able to wear makeup and do normal daily activities (kissing, exercising, etc). It takes HA filler usually about 2 weeks to integrate into your tissue and for those two weeks you may experience swelling, bruising, and asymmetry.

You pay for our lip enhancements by a syringe of HA filler or whatever portion of that syringe we use. If you would like to stay under a certain budget, please inform us at the beginning of your appointment. If we determine together that you may need more based on your goal, this will be discussed with you. In addition, if any previous filler may need to be dissolved prior to us injecting you, that will also be discussed. 

  • Lip Enhancement  - $700/syringe
  • Lip Enhancement  - $80/10% of syringe
  • Lip Filler Dissolver - $100–$200 (for filler not done here)