Dr Rupeka offers several training options to accommodate injectors of all skill sets. All of our trainings are tailored to improve your skill level, patient consultation, marketing, treatment/product approach, or business goals. Small group and individual trainings are available as are GAIN trainings through Galderma USA, and virtual trainings through Suneva.



Private trainings are set up individually or with an individual group and are tailored to your goals. Pricing is based on what is asked to be trained and what is involved with the training. Usually these trainings are 4 hour blocks. These are scheduled at mutually agreed upon times and locations.

  • Contact YOUTHOLOGY directly at 330-979-2126



Small group trainings are announced on our social medial platforms and our social/member events page. These workshops are designed to help you grow as both an aesthetic practitioner and business person. Our small group trainings include theory, live injection demonstrations, and Q&A sessions. 

  • Visit our Social Member Events Page or call 330-979-2126 to find out about upcoming dates



Dr Rupeka is a GAIN trainer for Galderma USA. GAIN training sessions would be set up through your local Galderma representative or if you do not have one yet, can be set up with the assistance of ours. GAIN training sessions incorporate both theory and demonstration in Galderma’s family of products. This includes the Restylane family of HA fillers, Dysport, and Sculptra aesthetic. Please note that these trainings fall under FDA on-label use of these products. If you are interested in off-label theory, then you would want to set up a private training. 

  • Contact your local Galderma sales associate or call 330-979-2126 to express your interest in this and we can have a sales associate contact you


Virtual Education (coming soon)

Dr Rupeka has partnered with Suneva Medical to contribute towards their online-learning platform. For further information on how to download these educational courses, please contact your local Suneva sales representative or contact 330-979-2126.